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    Orthomolecular Medicine






  • The assurance of an

    Experienced Professional

    Certified, Labelled, Graduate

    HPI specialist


    European Certificate of Higher Education Nutrition and Health Environment

    Certeurop© -6. 30 ecvet

    French scientific diploma validated by the EU.

    Labels Reformed©




    Curative and preventive management of metabolic, allergic, autoimmune and degenerative, mental, nervous and joint diseases


    Management of overweight and underweight


    Physiological rejuvenation


    Optimization of physiological and cognitive skills


    Purification of domestic toxicants, topical


    Deciphering of industrial molecules




    Worldwide Callanetics©

    Teacher Certification

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     The most efficient and reliable method in the world | Great Value since 1975

    World No. 1, practiced in 34 countries

    Efficient - Fast - Safe - Durable


    Callanetics© physical exercises are the remedy for a harmonious and relaxed silhouette, for a toned and reshaped figure, a confident and elegant posture, a body without pain and a dashing mind.


    My mission is to deliver results while respecting technical with excellence


    Teacher referent for Mauritius


    From Madonna to Elle Mac Person, there are several testimonials of celebrities and high profiled individuals, which can be referred to as genuine user feedback.


    Callanetics© earns its supporters thanks to the noticeable benefits and efficient results.

  • My Mission :

    Redisign the quality of your life

    A real Tailor-made Premium Service Respectful of each human particularities and lifestyles

    Orthomolecular Medicine





    "Nutritherapy is a science that works to optimize health as well as physical and mental performance, to prolong life span and ultimately to prevent and treat diseases. And this, through dietary modifications and daily or circumstantial supplementation with micronutrients (orthomolecular substances) to overcome the limitations of the diet ".

    Dr Jean-Paul Curtay

    Aging...young !

    10 years younger within 12 weeks

    This first global method
    Unique to Indian Ocean
    Respectful of ecology and everyone's needs
    A renewed and preserved health
    Beautifies your body
    Balances your mind


    - External renovation

    - Internal regeneration

    - Epigenetics

    Full Health Nutrition


    - Nutritional rebalancing

    - Nutritional mapping

    - Long-lasting fat loss

    - Immuno-nutrition intolerance allergies - Nutridetoxicology

    Cellular Micronutrition


    Micronutrition rebalances, facilitates change in eating behavior, optimizes functions:

    - Maintenance of mental and physiological balance

    - Treatment of disorders and pains

    - Performance improvement

    - help in the management of addictions

    - Mood disorders

    - Sleep and recovery

    - Detoxification

    - Assessment and rebalancing of neurotransmitters





    - Silhouette reshaping

    - Muscle strengthening

    - Posture lift

    - Postural repositioning

    - Protection of articulations

    - Relief of low back pain

    - Post-traumatic recovery

    - Relief of tension, joint and muscle pain



    - Coordination

    - Strength

    - Balanced

    - Resistance

    - Precision

    - Proprioception

    - Flexibility

    And more...

    Orthomolecular Detox

    Toxics Management

    - materials

    - household products

    - topical products

    - Clothing

    - furnishings ...

    Some specifics Focus...

    Cognitive performances :

    Mental clarity, exams, memory, increase focus...


    Sport competitors :

    Optimization of performances : better recovery, reduction of injuries, management of musculars control, micro-mouvements, creation of news synaptics links,

    coordination, empowerment nutrigenomics.


    Joint pain :

    Rapid elimination of suffering, acquisition of knowledge to live sustainably and without pain independently


    Good mood :

    Balancing and treatment of mood disorders.


    Voice Impact :

    Posture, clarity of voice, breathing, balance, tone, presence .... For speakers, singers, actors, managers

  • Architect of

    your Health

    The doctors of the Future..


    « The doctors of the future will not give medicine ; they will train their patients to take care of their own body, nutrition, for the prevention of diseases ».

    Thomas A. Edison, inventor of the phonograph, 1903


    « If someone desires health, they should first ask themselves if they are ready to eliminate the causes of diseases. Then only, it shall be possible to achieve ».




    The term "orthomolecular", created in 1968 by Linus Pauling, means "correct molecule" in the sense "which is not foreign to the human body, which is biologically correct".

    The other molecules ( find in common allopathique medications) are seen as biologically incorrect. Their chemical resemblance to legitimate substances allow them to interact with molecules in the body, however since they are not identical to the molecules they imitate. They cause some disfunctions (side effects) and their desired effect turns out to be a chemical ‘cheat’ rather than to eliminate the causes of the disease.


    Nutritherapy/ Orthomolecular Medicine optimize the functions, prevents and treats the pathologies through :

    - techniques to alter your eating behavior and habits

    - the diagnosis and correction of nutritional deficits

    - the pharmacological use of foods, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, phytonutrients, métabolites etc...


    I detect the source of your symptoms, in order to treat the cause and obtain long lasting results.

  • For whom ?

    I you ...


    - have tried many methods, diets, techniques, exercises... And despite everything, not rid of your problematics

    - want to slim down harmoniously without starving , reshape your figure, feel the pleasure of living in your body and enjoy yourself


    - are suffering from painful symptoms and/or a desease that you really want eliminate or stopped progression


    - are ready to refresh, regenere, reshape your body and increase actractivy, flat your belly, destroy sickness... Elevate your power, vitality and brightness


    - are fed-up to deals with inconforts


    - want to get rid of your pathologies and find a functional body and a strong immune system


    - feel that your eating habits are causing harmful side effects, discomfort and your are fed-up to deal with

    - fight against your body and deprive yourself


    - are looking for maximum results with maximum comfort. Full service home and travel delivery : cooking, creation of custom-made dishes...)


    - feel your energetic and cerebral potential is dormant or overflowing because it is not feed properly







  • Architect of

    your Deep Nutritional Foundations

    Nourishment :


    Over 3/4 of the food available on the market today are denatured, refined, transformed by industrial processes.

    Our bodies are not programmed to identify these foods which are proven to be harmful and weakening to our organs, sometimes even to the point of a burnout and self-destruction.


    Adopting a healthy pleasurable nutrition, respectful to your health and adapted to your body’s needs, allows you to be in good shape, stabilize your weight, preserve your physical and cognitive faculties, improve your health and sustainably maintain your well-being.

    Together, we will build your nutritional foundation so you can enjoy life in a dazzling state of well-being.


    Micronutrition :


    It is the pharmacological use of foods, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, phytonutrients…

    Our body needs to be nourished and micronutrients are valuable allies that can be used in most situations, in order to achieve whatever is desired. The properties of micronutrition can be remarkable when they are properly selected, associated, dosed and of quality.

    Micronutrition allows our organism to function at the best of it’s capacity. It compensates for the deficits of a modern diet, provides the body with the elements required for the ideal equilibrium and strengthens our immune system.

  • Architect of

    your Youth

    The markers of aging can often be inelegant,

    However, decrepitude is not a fatality, but unfortunately an inevitable consequence.

    I approach youth here as a set of reproducible attributes.

    Youth. Beyond aesthetics, "youth" is expressed through vitality ; a supple, toned and resistant body, valiant organic functions and a toned skin


    Detect all the accelerators of aging, in order to:

    - Awaken the softened physiological functions

    - Renovate and firm the skin

    - Recover and maintain muscular mass

    - Stabilize your weight and reshape your silhouette

    - Rediscover a beautiful ‘allure’ and vitality

    - Stabilize your emotional well-being


    Act on all fronts to achieve full satisfaction.

    Nothing is left in the hand of luck or deception, thanks to my attentive expertise and the exclusive combination of a wide and unique range of tools acquired.

    You will gain an embellished life and a know-how to keep this bliss in autonomy.

  • Architect of

    your Shapes with Callanetics©method


    My Process for your benefits :

    Men and women have specific needs and desires. However, they have a common core and similar fundamentals.

    The purpose of my coaching is to balance, align, strengthen, build foundations and generate new ecological automatisms for your organism.

    The body is respected. The dominant muscles are relieved and the deep muscles are strengthened. Your posture changes, rebalances itself. The body curves and sheaths. Your muscles take a new shape harmoniously and the work on the volume of your body can begin.

    In physical exercise, each movement will be targeted, calibrated, adjusted to acquire awareness, concentration, control and mastery.

    The transfer of information distilled during the coaching will be easily memorized by your body because of it’s experience and the movements multiplied help the assimilation.

    With the acquisition of knowledge, new postural reflexes, new awakened and toned muscles ...

    The body reveals its unsuspected resources and becomes a strong partner.

    A real postural pedagogic reprograming physical and mindset


    I am the referent Callanetics© instructor for Paris’ and Mauritius

    Callanetics is an inside secret. Testing it, is adapting it to your life & habits.


    With over 30 years of existence, practiced in 34 countries, this method of physical exercise is a world benchmark of excellence and reliability.

    Its efficiency and rapid results in reshaping the silhouette, improving your posture while respecting your body, is incomparable.

    Its success is based on the real benefits of the technique. No advertising campaign. No communication budget.

    The only publicity is the satisfaction, recognition and loyalty of its ‘normal or famous practitioners. We testify, their enthusiasm and gratitude.


  • Callanetics

    In more details CALLANETICS :

    ... Is a method of exercise that teaches the body natural alignment. Its movements are stationary and without strong impact. From different positions that target a particular muscle group, it consists of just small pushes, quarter-inch pulses. The position is precise and the movements are small, there is no loss of energy or risk of injury. The rest of the body is relaxed. These mini impulses stimulate the deep layer of the muscles and thus give rapid results.

    The Callanetics method respects the intelligence of the body. The pelvic floor, is that set of muscles that supports all your internal organs but not well-know of, it is at the core of this method. The tone it sets prevents the relaxation of the organs and generates a domino the effects on the muscles of posture.

    When we work in Callanetics, we relax all of the exterior muscles and focus on stimulating and lengthening the deep muscles. When the body is properly aligned, the tone is instantaneous because the body tightens inward. It works just like a natural sheath.

    It is common for a person to lose one clothing size after a few sessions, without necessarily losing weight, due to the lengthening of the body. In fact, when done well, the exercises generate truly rapid results. The gluteal muscles in particular firm up and come back up quickly. Callan Pinckney always said it was just like a pear that transforms into a peach. It is a real re-education of the body that creates new connections between the brain, muscles and the skeleton.

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  • Références - They trust on me

    Anyone has the real desire of empowerment and feel feeling better and expand Persons from divers univers whom they looked for real solutions a spécific personnal coaching reach theirs goals and ix their specific problematics


    Health Univers :



    Dental surgeon

    Orthopédics surgeon




    Artistics univers :




    Riding instructor




    Sport univers :

    Riding instructor





    Body builders


    Food Restauration

    Chefs cooking

    Critics Journalist









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  • Some Testimonials

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  • Code of ethics from the health practitioner

    You can trust on my ethic mind

    I am the one will protect your intimacy and provide the security frame you need.

    I am more than 50 years old and i carry the values of a French style education almost vanish nowadays.

    Like any health professional (with french cursus before the pandemic status), the practitioner is bound by professional secrecy.


    The practitioner undertakes to receive and take charge of the patient as a whole, without judgment and with respect. The practitioner undertakes to formulate advice, solely in the interest of the patient and always with his agreement.


    My vision of health is to deliver the efficients mesures for each situation.

    So, any practitioner could have the sens to collaborate and communicate with any other valuable therapist with a view to interdisciplinarity, and better the patient’s care.

    Of course, primary according with the patient.


    The natural practitioner does not make a diagnosis in the medical modern sense of the term (name a desease) , but instead a general assessment, which will provide you with the necessary information to consider to provide a natural care, as well as appropriate and personalized advice on a new hygiene of life.


    The health practitioner aims to restore imbalances related to functional disorders (pain, stress, anxiety, sleep, digestive, fatigue, weight loss ...) by treating the causes and not the symptoms.


    The practitioner does not practice therapeutic massages, reserved for physiotherapists and other dedicated professionals in their fields (any external, mechanical and manual maneuver exercising methodical, mechanical or reflex stimulation of the tissues) but can use some technological devices.


    The normal natural practitioner does not perform speaking or psychoanalysis work, reserved for the psychologist but uses techniques to release tension and welcome the patient's feelings, with the aim of complementing a eventual psychologist.


    In my case, i studied and i am trained to perform a wide range in order to delivered the holistic best.


  • Contact...


    For appointement you can call +230 54 89 00 80

    Mauritius : First consultation : Grand Baie - Anywhere on demand -Telephone - Visio.
    6H30 20H